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“Hope this gets popular, so you can do it more. I don’t think there’s enough people who will go into the specific numbers. Definitely bringing this channel up whenever people ask me about universal healthcare bills.” – S.M.

“AMAZING! This is some of the best analysis of Medicare for All. So simple, so clear.” – E.M.

“I am going to share this far and wide. What a great way to truly educate people on the FACTS!” – R.S.

“Magnificent what an excellent educator can do. I’m an educator myself and am blown away. I was very impressed with her capacity to distill and present such a juggling act of information.” – I.

“This presentation has probably been the most informative and comprehensive that I have seen in explaining Medicare for All.” – N.O.

“Thank you for doing such a comprehensive video like this. Everyone should share this with people that are on the fence about supporting Medicare for All.” – C.A.

“Is this part of the curriculum in high school yet?” – B.

“This presentation MUST be shown all over the USA. The corporate media don’t want people to have this information because they are funded by ads from Big Insurance and Big Pharma. They benefit off keeping the status quo. And many of those overpaid one-percenter hosts would see an increase in their taxes!” – J.I.

“This is the absolute best! I’m going to see if we can get this to other progressives who advocate for Medicare for All.” – S.R.

“Love the Connect-the-Dots-Lady, and watching this video is a prerequisite for any dinosaur trying to argue for the old way!”– S.S.

“Please have Andrea introduced to the progressive candidates to help show this to all people so they can be educated on it. Do it now.” – F.B.

“I LOVE Andrea and her graphics. Great public service! Thank you for introducing her to me and anyone else who has never come across her work until now.” – L.K.

“You’ve had some amazing guests on your show, but she might be the best. Thank you both so much!” – H.B.

“This was the clearest statement I’ve ever read about taxes in the USA. I’m going to read this until I can effortlessly quote this to friend and foe alike.” – B.B.

“This is the best, most concise website on economics I’ve ever seen. Thanks so much for doing this.” – J.M.

“The ‘Connect the Dots Lady’ is on a mission to educate Tucsonans about their benefits under the Affordable Care Act. Check out the details of this one woman dynamo’s latest crusade to inform us with humor, facts, and great graphics.” – P.P.

“Zow! Who are you! I just checked out your work and it’s amazing. What an astonishing blend of skills — that all flow in unison to explain, entertain, inform people — and with the underground river of civic democratic values artfully pulsing through the whole concept. It’s utterly meaningful and cool. And clean, lean, snappy writing. Great cartoons — very classic in feel. I wish you the very best!” – D.F.

“Thank you again for a wonderful presentation. My staff really appreciated it and learned quite a bit. It also helped us as a small business to plan ahead regarding the right options for our staff moving forward to be able to provide the best level of healthcare coverage available.” – D.J.

“Now you’re my hero. I’ve wanted to do this for years and never put it all together. On behalf of America, THANK YOU.” – B.R.

“How I wish I could love this a million times (Worst BigCON frames)” – L.K.

“I’m going to retweet your charts morning noon and night!” – J.W.

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