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Andrea Witte head shotEducation & Business Background

After honing my writing skills and graduating summa cum laude from The University of Arizona with a degree in Philosophy, I studied Design and Advertising at the internationally renowned Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. I then worked several years as a designer and copywriter before launching my own firm in 1993 — Witte Design (pronounced like “witty”). Whether in my client work or my activist work, people tell me I have a knack for taking mountains of complex information and making it simple, understandable and memorable.

Motivation For Political Activism

As a self-employed graphic designer who has been buying my own private health insurance, I watched my annual premium skyrocket from $900 in 1995 to over $4,500 in 2009. These unsustainable rate hikes, along with other draconian practices like pre-existing condition discrimination and policy rescissions, are grossly unfair and do not belong in any civilized country, much less America. The monopolistic health insurance industry doesn’t have customers; it has hostages. In 2009, I knew I had to get involved to make change happen. Since then, I have become enlightened to the corporate corruption that permeates every other industry and has hijacked our democracy. It’s like I’m in the movie “The Matrix” and swallowed the red pill.

Inspiration For Connect The Dots USA

After the 2010 midterm elections, I realized progressives can’t keep playing defense in the ad wars every election season, nor continue to argue on GOP turf. The other side may outspend us with their endless supply of corporate and billionaire money, but they can’t outnumber us if people understand the basics. Simple, visual education between elections is the game changer to motivate regular, busy people to get beyond their fear, apathy and confusion to participate in our political process. That’s what Connect The Dots USA is all about — civics and policy basics to inoculate folks against organized money’s propaganda.

Rave Reviews For Connect The Dots USA

My live presentations are all the rage in the Tucson, Arizona area and have even made it to Capitol Hill. Thousands across the country are sharing and discussing the presentations and infographics on the Internet.

“Andrea’s presentations are brilliant. If everyone in America saw them, it would make this country a better place.”

“ is one of the most informed and attractive websites on the Internet. This is ‘a spoonful of sugar that makes the medicine go down’ — gladly and gleefully.”

“I was just introduced to your magnificent work. It’s like discovering hidden treasure.”

“Andrea is an extremely talented and dynamic designer, writer and presenter with a wonderful engaging sense of humor. She condenses much information, simplifying it so the most confused or uninformed person can understand.”

I hope you find these presentations engaging and informative. Please consider making a donation of $5 or more so I can continue to research, design and write new topics and update current topics. Donations are NOT tax deductible. Thank you for your support. — The Connect The Dots Lady

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