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Gun Violence

It’s a routine tragedy that every day in the U.S., an average of 90 people die from gun violence — 31 from intentional homicide, 58 from suicide, and at least one from accidents. Eight of those 90 gunshot fatalities are children or teenagers. Then there are the average 219 non-fatal gun injuries per day, which often still wreak havoc on people’s lives and livelihood. President Obama lamented the sad reality that we seem unable to do anything to curb gun violence in this country: “Somehow this has become routine… We have become numb to this…”

So in order to get passed this fatal inertia, let’s look at the facts about gun violence, dispel some myths — especially about the Second Amendment — and come up with some common-sense strategies to minimize gun violence. As with most complex societal problems, there won’t be any full-proof solution that will end all gun violence, but we can certainly do a lot better than this.

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