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Imagine the relief of not having to choose between paying your health insurance premium or paying your rent, between buying medicine or buying food, and not having to worry about going bankrupt from a hospital stay or surprise bill from an out-of-network provider. And say goodbye to the maze of predatory, for-profit insurance premiums, deductibles, co-pays and medical bills. When your family needs healthcare, you simply go to nearly any doctor or hospital in the entire U.S. and it’s covered. That’s what Medicare-For-All is all about. It’s high time America joins the rest of the civilized world by guaranteeing healthcare as a basic human right, not a commodity to be rationed based on the size of one’s wallet. In this presentation, we’ll look at the advantages of two proposals to expand and enhance Medicare, answer the naysayers’ favorite challenge — “How are you going to pay for that?” — and show how 95% of Americans would see BIG SAVINGS under Medicare-For-All.

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