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“Your website is so clever and is a wonderful learning tool.” – L.U.

“Awesome stuff. Excellent way to communicate complex issues. I was in advertising for 30+ years… your stuff is right in there with the best.” – T.B.

“Simple, visual, easy, informative. You have all the right ingredients here. My kudos to the creative thinker behind this.” – K.N.

“Magnificent job, Andrea. I had your three presentations professionally printed and bagged with an American flag and chocolate and gave them out as Christmas gifts this year.” – B.B.

“I finally got a chance to see your website and, I must say, it blew me away completely. Yes, it is just what is needed, and you have done a beautiful job.” – J.N.

“The best presentation I have seen on the budget — with teeth and common sense.” – R.L.

“A lot of complicated issues are distilled quite successfully here. Thanks for your good work and efforts!” – B.B.

“WAY TO GO, Andrea! I am so glad you are getting your brilliant stuff out to a national audience.” – S.S.

“I just tripped over your site earlier today…. and I LOVE IT! When I read your bio and got to the insurance premiums part, I sat here with my mouth wide open. I hope you keep doing what you’re doing and urge you to spread your word as much as possible. Informative people like you is what’s strongly needed out here right now. The overwhelming abundance of ignorance to what’s transpiring all around us every single day has to be extinguished.” – C.D.

“We should leave ConnectTheDotsUSA booklets in waiting rooms as a public service.” – J.P.

“Andrea is very motivated and resourceful. Her ConnectTheDotsUSA presentations are very informative and very witty (pun intended).”– P.W.

“We were very impressed with your presentation of ‘Budgets and Deficit and Debts, Oh My!’ It was really well received. The general reaction was: ‘I was able to understand what she was talking about!’ Thank you for your work on making the subject clear and concise and giving us an easy format to pass the information to friends.” – J.T.

“You are doing vital work, and I applaud you!” – J.H.

“Your devotion to educating the community through ConnectTheDotsUSA is extraordinary.” – R.S.

“Andrea’s presentations on the budget and politics are crisp and brilliant.” – M.S.

“ is an amazing educational tool telling the progressive story on critical issues.” – L.B.

“Andrea is a dynamic, intelligent, creative force!” – D.J.

“Great ideas for communicating complex concepts.” – J.M.

“Andrea has been more effective at bringing people together and keeping them on message than anyone I know.” – D.N.

“You are a tireless and active progressive with a keen sense for educating people on complex issues (both visually and verbally).” – E.J.

“Anyone seeing Andrea’s presentations will gain a better grasp of the economic situation in this country.” – A.L.

“Andrea is a committed, knowledgeable, energetic and creative activist. When you want the best, call Andrea!” – M.P.

“ is a great website — amazing ‘translations’ we can all understand.”– M.B.

“ is just fantastic! I will be using it and recommending it to all my colleagues.”

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