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“Truly an inspired idea. ConnectTheDotsUSA is just the thing we need for this upside-down world.”
– D.G.

“Call me idealistic, but I believe facts like this are a good way to reverse some of the polarization that has crippled the USA. This site provides the raw material for creating a narrative — badly needed by progressives — that will resonate with the vast majority.” – M.R.

“I was absolutely THRILLED when I found — it’s unlike any other website I have ever visited. I immediately forwarded this far and wide. What a tremendous resource to combat the right-wing propaganda that has infected cable news media and subverted our public consciousness about critical issues! Let’s get the word out to others hungry for a remedy to the sound-bite ignorance on the right!” – S.S.

“I just wanted to say I appreciate this page. Thank you for taking the time to put things together so neatly and explain them in a way that anyone could understand.” – S.M.

“Your way of framing and advancing the message always makes a huge difference. I’m just glad you’re on our team. They don’t stand a chance.” – R.R.

“Informative, funny, fabulous graphics, technical words explained, excellent organization, good balance of easy to understand topics and more difficult. Andrea, you are brilliant! One of the best speakers I have ever heard!” – A.D.

“Thanks, Andrea, for your fun and creative presentations. Knowledge is the key to awareness, which can lead to much needed change. You are showing the way.” – T.R.

“Wow! You’ve brought together SO much useful information and integrated/condensed it beautifully, entertainingly and readably.” – E.H.

“Andrea Witte is a Tucson-based marketing professional who donates her messaging and design talents to help frame issues so that average citizens can understand them and inoculate themselves against the conventional wisdumb promoted by the right-wing echo chamber and the corporate media.” – R.H.

“I absolutely LOVE, have forwarded links to it repeatedly, and can actually understand easily what is happening without lots of research. It’s also perfect for low-information and sound-byte voters.” – M.T.N.

“You are doing such GREAT work for so many of us in ‘The Busy Majority’ as your web page so aptly describes. The graphics are so clear and succinct — really great communication of issues that are distorted by bumper-sticker slogans by the right-wing. I am so grateful to have found your work and will be spreading the link to your website to all of my progressive friends who will be equally enthusiastic about your work. I look forward to visiting and referencing your website often.” – S.A.

“We want to thank you for inviting Andrea Witte to speak at our club today. She is tremendous. We could listen to her all day.” – J.H.

“You are a tireless patriot. Perhaps you have tried to do so, but this presentation needs to be aired on progressive networks — Rachel, Stewart, and smaller, local networks.” – F.V.

“Andrea picks up where George Lakoff, the Berkeley guru of framing for Democratic language, leaves off. She not only frames the issues in words but with simple understandable graphics. The Democrats desperately need you.” – F.H.

“Andrea is an extremely talented and dynamic designer, writer and presenter with a wonderful engaging sense of humor who has created One of her presentations is a very clear and simple comprehensive summary of U.S. budget issues. She condenses much information, simplifying it so the most confused or uninformed person can understand.” – A.L.

“These are some of the best graphics and explanations of economic data I’ve ever seen.” – B.R.

I hope you find these presentations engaging and informative. Please consider making a donation of $5 or more so I can continue to research, design and write new topics and update current topics. Donations are NOT tax deductible. Thank you for your support. — The Connect The Dots Lady

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