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“You can tell that your presentation was very powerful because it goes around and around in your mind. We are trying to frame the economy issue and you gave us some good ammunition. We really like the little booklet you produced that went along with the presentation. I am such a visual learner that it is a great reference for me. Thanks for doing all the hard work and making it available to concerned citizens. We were very impressed that your work is making the rounds. WAY TO GO Andrea!” – C.M.D.

“I just finished reading the budget presentation. It is excellent! Is there a training boot camp program for people who would like to take this presentation ‘on the road’? It could be the basis for a grassroots educational program.” – J.R.

“I’m amazed at how I immediately understand and connect with the way you describe the problems we face as society, but most importantly, about your ideas to take on those challenges — because they are also my ideas! I’m just blown away. It could not be more perfect. What you’ve done is really amazing.” – R.P.

“Love your work. Thank you for doing it. ConnectTheDotsUSA is extremely important both in terms of content and the presentation thereof — concise, visual, easy to understand. People don’t like a lot of words anymore — unfortunately.” – J.F.

“ConnectTheDotsUSA, thank you for this for the people deserves the facts, not the hyperbole we get from Congress. The people will make the correct decisions (that simple majority) if the information is based on facts.”– T.P.P.

“This is just exactly what I have been looking for to share with others on Facebook who have been discussing politics these past months. It is a blessing to have the stats to show what it all means.” – M.R.

“I was doing some research on income inequality and came across your website for the first time. You are doing great work. I’m very impressed with what you’ve done, and the reasons behind it.” – R.P.

“Congrats on the outstanding work making complicated ideas understandable.” – D.M.

“I have been searching for good graphics which normalize factors by GDP. And you have some very high quality ones!” – S.M.

“This is really excellent stuff! Should be circulated far and wide.” – S.B.

“Love the awareness made easy at” – B.D.

“Visuals are good. So many people don’t read any more and fewer comprehend.” – M.C.

“This is a GREAT site! We need more hard core facts to show people so they can make an informed decision, not just believe the lies that are going around. Thanks for the research and time spent to gather the facts, and the graphics are easy to understand.” – K.K.

“The illustrations and commentary are simply brilliant! Thank you for creating these resources.” – B.B.

“We are so busy that having these ready references makes issues so much more fact-based and understandable. Thanks for educating us visually!” – P.S.

“EVERYONE should be required to read the healthcare section. It’s easy to understand and complete. I’m SO frustrated by those sheep that refuse to even consider the ACA, generally for political, not medical reasons. I’ll be sharing this, slide by slide, spoon-feeding it to people so that they might get some of it in.” – B.C.

“I appreciate anyone who works to make a difference, as this seems to be a vanishing breed. This is great stuff. I have downloaded a couple of the graphics and plan to print them off and leave them in public places. Excellent work. You are clearly very good at what you do.” – S.H.

“Love your page. You got a good thing going. Kudos!” – J.K.

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