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Rave Reviews


“Andrea is a loud and clear voice for democracy and economic justice.” – F.B.

“Your efforts continue to lift our spirits.” – J.C.

“I’ve printed about 14 copies of your booklets so my friends and I are going well-versed to the town hall.” – R.S.

“I’m really taken with your presentations. This is excellent. This sort of thing has been needed for a long time.” – C.S.

“The People’s Budget slides are brilliant. I love the smiling people and their signs. They really motivate and inspire. Nice touch!” – D.N.

“Excellent Presentation! Clever, Interesting, Well-Designed.” – D.O.V.

“We really appreciated your wonderful presentation last night. The transfer of $$$ from the middle class to the already-wealthy is breathtaking. You have done a masterful job of recognizing and framing the issue of the national debt. And your graphics are fantastic. One of the things you said last night really made an impression on me. It had to do with the progressive values that built this country, but how so many of us take our government services for granted. So thank you for sharing with us your start on reversing this disturbing trend and helping all of us find our voice. You have our support!” – J.H.

“I just wanted to thank you for a great presentation. Most enlightening. I believe you are spot on with your assessment of our nation’s fiscal mess. I will help spread the word.” – R.S.

“Andrea, the ‘People’s Budget’ series of slides is excellent. Are you putting this all together yourself? What a project and everything is referenced… great work!” – R.G.

“Andrea’s presentation ‘Budgets and Deficits and Debt, Oh My!’ provides an excellent and detailed explanation of today’s issues. It cuts through the spin and buzzwords that inundate so much of our media and party talking points. By cutting out all the BS, Andrea’s presentation lays out the facts clearly and concisely so the audience can better understand which policies will help move our nation forward. The website allows people to see the presentation (which I saw in Tucson), download slides, scripts and extras that they can share with friends and family so we can cut through all the spin and get an honest and clear assessment of the issues.” – A.E.

“Everyone who views your presentation has the information to correct the record and supply information to others. I certainly felt better armed with talking points after your show.” – H.A.

“Andrea does amazing work! The progressive community is lucky to have her on our side.” – J.P.

“Thank you for all your hard work. I absolutely love everything you’ve done, and I’ve read all the PDFs and I am definitely more informed on these topics than I’ve ever been. I saw you on YouTube on The Humanist Report (first time viewer of that channel), and you’re just great… Someone should definitely hire you to train candidates on how to explain these ideas, or at the very least, they need to see the work you’ve done.” – M.M.

”I love what you do and would love even more to see it spread far and wide on social media. I have not seen another analysis that comes close to resembling yours in terms of the content, context and presentation that cuts through the rhetoric and deals with the raw data involved in such an easy to understand manner.” – P.W.

“Thank you for all that you do to educate America with the truth! You are another American hero to me like Ralph Nader.” – L.M.

“I saw you on The Humanist Report. Your information and presentation are absolutely phenomenal! I hope more people see this.This deserves so much traction. It’s undeniable truth. I believe your name will be solidified in the Medicare for All movement. – K.F.N.

“This had be the best explainer ever.”– P.

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