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“We love the ConnectTheDotsUSA presentations. They give you honest facts, excellent information and good ammunition on the controversial, political and divisive issues out there. You are never too old to learn the truth.” – M.

“Andrea is smart, beautiful, and has a great sense of humor. She takes complex concepts and makes them easier to understand. If she ran for public office, people would be attracted to her messages… and she would win.” – R.

“I know first hand that graphics reach more people than any other form of political speech. Whether it be graphs, political cartoons or just clever photoshopping there is no quicker, more effective way to convey a message instantaneously. Thank you for doing this. You have our support.” – I.L.I.W.

“Great site! I love it! Since I am a very visual person, this makes it quick to understand current political and economic issues in an easy-to-read graph.” – J.R.

“Your healthcare presentation, which was informative and visually engaging, helped many of our members see the issues more clearly. Your delivery and delightful sense of humor added to the success of the presentation.” – H.H.

“Compliments on the clarity of your presentations. These are some of the best, engaging communications I have seen on this subject.” – R.S.

“Such a lot of work and research went into this website. I am glad that someone took this on, and did so handsomely. Great job!” – L.W.

“ConnectTheDotsUSA provides the facts through beautiful, easy-to-read visuals.” – B.B.

“Love your passion. So glad we connected, and you were quite popular judging by the requests for the website. I hope you benefit from this in some way as the work you do is amazing.” – T.T.

“Wow! Thank you — especially for the healthcare summary; you are super! How awesome it is to know that your work is reaching more and more people in the U.S. In gratitude for all you do for our collective awakening.” – A.D.

“Simple language regarding the budget, healthcare, etc is imperative if voters are to make educated decisions. Keep up the great work.” – F.V.

“Wow, wow and WOW, Andrea! This is absolutely wonderful. What you have done re: budgets and jobs I am hoping we can do for energy/solar in AZ. CONGRATS! Fantastic!” – N.L.

“Your hard work is finally getting through to the people who really need to see it. It truly is brilliant! And anyone can understand it.” – H.L.

“ is highly informational on several complex topics: Jobs, Budgets, Healthcare, Framing, with more to come. The thoroughly researched fact-based graphics explain more in one picture than dozens of pages of print. We have become a visual society and the creator of this site, Andrea Witte, satisfies this trend.” – F.H.

“These graphics send a message that’s critical to saving our democracy which cannot survive without an educated public (which currently doesn’t exist!). The Republicans are a master of simple slogans and catchy phrases that seem to stick even if they’re totally false.” – B.T.

“Folks who want to talk to a small business person who is also actively engaged, check out her website Please share and move forward.” – R.R.

“Two years ago I scoured the DNC website and even called to see if they had any standard materials we could use for our county fair. After all, it just made sense that they would want a consistent message being used across the country. So I was surprised and disappointed that they didn’t have anything. When I recently saw one of your posters shared on Facebook, I was thrilled to finally find what I was looking for! What you are doing here is great — it fills a gaping hole in our political messaging.” – K.B.

I hope you find these presentations engaging and informative. Please consider making a donation of $5 or more so I can continue to research, design and write new topics and update current topics. Donations are NOT tax deductible. Thank you for your support. — The Connect The Dots Lady

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