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In the confusion of todays 24/7 spin machine, doesnt it often seem like the Flat Earth Society gets equal or more time than the Round Earth Society? And, left unchallenged by journalists, people are free to just pick their own facts?

The goal of these visual, easy-to-understand presentations is to help regular, busy folks like yourself understand the issues and what is happening with our political process. Then we can start to connect the dots to get our policies to work for the benefit of most Americans again.

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The American Healthcare Crazy Quilt
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All other industrialized democracies when faced with challenges in their healthcare systems have found different ways to cover everybody while spending far less than America does and getting better overall results. Weve actually blended together versions of all these foreign systems into a costly, confusing, inefficient, bureaucratic crazy quilt. Lets examine the problems in our healthcare system and see how the Affordable Care Act addresses those problems and where it falls short.

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Vertical Dots


Jobs & Wages:
Dude, Where's My Job?

The Federal Budget:
Budgets and Deficits
and Debt, Oh My!


Healthcare Crazy Quilt
“The American Healthcare
Crazy Quilt


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Dude, Wheres My Job? | Budgets and Deficits and Debt, Oh My! | “American Healthcare Crazy Quilt” | Frame Yourself or Get Framed!
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