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In the confusion of todays 24/7 spin machine, doesnt it often seem like the Flat Earth Society gets equal or more time than the Round Earth Society? And, left unchallenged by journalists, people are free to just pick their own facts?

The goal of these visual, easy-to-understand presentations is to help regular, busy folks like yourself understand the issues and what is happening with our political process. Then we can start to connect the dots to get our policies to work for the benefit of most Americans again.

Share these presentations (or even just a single slide) with your friends, family members and co-workers.

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Favorite Single Slides: Download JPGs

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Jobs, Wages & Inequality

CEO Pay Skyrockets
Class Warfare Hustle
Corporate Profits High, Wages Low
Demand Creates Jobs
Democracy NOT For Sale
Dude, Wheres My Job Cover
Fair Trade Not Free Trade
Fordism Vs Snapplism
Income Growth Was More Fair
Job Creation Cycle
Jobs Action Plan
Keynesian Economics
Policies For Job Growth
Profit By Squeezing Workers
Profits Matter, American Jobs Don't
Reverse Robin Hood Economics
Service Economy Trap
Small Biz Debunking
Their Gain Is Your Loss
Trickle-Down Tax Con
Trickle-Down Debunked
Unions Help Middle Class
We Dont Make Much Anymore
We Grew Apart
Wealth Distribution:
   Perception Vs Reality

Whos Eating All The Pie?




Federal Budget & Taxes

Austerity Cycle
Budget Action Plan
Budgets & Deficit & Debt” Cover
Clinton Vs Bush Taxes
Corporate Profits High, Taxes Low
Corporate Tax Cheaters
Corporate Vs Individual Taxes
Country Is Not A Kitchen Table
Debt Increase By President
Debt: Who Holds It?
Deficit Since 1940
Deficit Since 1969
Deficit Vs Surplus Since 1974
Deficit Drivers
Deficit: GOP Loophole
Federal Spending
Insanity Definition
Lots We Likey: Check Please!
Military Sky-High Spending
Military Spending Since 1947
Peoples Budget Vs Ryan Budget
Policies For Responsible Budget
Priorities Definition
Program Vs Tax Break: You Choose
Shared Sacrifice
Social Security: Look At The Books
Social Security Retirement Age
Social Security: Stop Picking On It
Spending Priorities
Tax Rates: What The Bracket?
Tax Cuts Benefit The Top
Tax Cut Size By Income Level
Tax Rates By Income Level
Tax Share Vs Income Share
Top Budget Fixes
Top Tax Deductions


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Jobs & Wages:
Dude, Where's My Job?

The Federal Budget:
Budgets and Deficits
and Debt, Oh My!


Healthcare Crazy Quilt
The American Healthcare
Crazy Quilt


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